AdoptaPlatoon (AAP) invites the American public to help by sending encouraging morale lifting words of gratitude to U.S. deployed Troops and to help by sponsoring the delivery of care packages to our Troops serving in harm’s way.  As a nonprofit, AAP ships hundreds of care packages to our Troops out of the AAP Troop Support Warehouse every week and we have been doing this work for 20 years! This work on behalf of our Nation’s Heroes would not be possibly without the support of the American people. Join this noble cause on behalf of our Nation’s Heroes and do not let a care package leave the AAP warehouse without cards and letters from adoring fans! Your words mean so much to our Troops as they serve far from home. Let our deployed Troops know that they are your Heroes and that they are in your thoughts and prayers. Send cards, letters and even children’s drawings to:


Platoon Patriots

P.O. Box 234

Lozano, Texas 78568


And please help by opening your heart with a donation to ensure that quality of life care packages continue to reach the hands of our Troops serving in harm’s way. Send your tax deductible charitable donation to the above address or click on the “DONATE” tab in the menu and use Pay Pal or become a Platoon Patriot. We ask you to open your heart to deployed Service Members who may not have loved ones back home to keep their spirits up.  Let our Heroes know that someone back home is thinking of them and appreciates their service.

We cannot forget that these Heroes are putting their lives on the line for freedom every day. Wouldn’t it be a thrill to envision the look of joy on the face of a U.S. Service Member you’ve never met…a Service Member so far away from home and loved ones…grinning from ear to ear with a smile that says: “Someone back home, someone who doesn’t even know me, cared enough to send me this package!”

Please donate to keep the care packages flowing to our Troops!

Our Troops carry on their shoulders the resolve of the American people to protect those who cannot protect themselves and defeat all who may bring harm to our Nation. Your donation distinguishes you as a supporter of our Nation’s military! Please continue to join us in our prayers for the safety of our Troops as they serve on our behalf.  We are grateful for your support!

Very Respectfully,

AdoptaPlatoon Troop Support Patriot Team