Chauncey Hagg and mother Ida Hagg, taken on Casper Mountain, Wyoming, March 2015.

Thank you AdoptaPlatoon and all of your staff workers!
May 1, 2015
Deployed U.S. Troops
October 20, 2015
Chauncey Hagg and mother Ida Hagg, taken on Casper Mountain, Wyoming, March 2015.
It is with great sadness that the AdoptaPlatoon family inform you of the untimely passing of Chauncey Hagg at the young age of 37. Chauncey’s service and leadership was the motivation for establishing AdoptaPlatoon in 1998. We think of Chauncey and his family fondly during this most difficult time.
Chauncey Walter David Hagg
February 18, 1978 – May 30, 2015
Memorial Service for Chauncey Hagg, 37
Saturday, June 6, 2015, Casper, Wyoming
Military Honors accorded.
Mrs. Brenda Hagg and parents Michael and Ida Hagg send our words of gratitude to the Wyoming Army National Guard, Funeral Honor Guard. The team was made up of the following:

  • The flag fold and presentation was made by MSG Raylan Heck and CWO2 Mikeal Ruesch
  • The second flag folder was SPC Joshua Nicholson.The Natrona County United Veterans Council provided the prayer and the firing party members.
  • The American Legion Post #2 of Casper provided the commander of the firing party.
  • Taps was provided by Mr. Bob Meloy.

Letter read by CWO2 Mikeal Ruesch, Memorial Service for Chauncey Hagg on behalf of Chauncey’s mother, Ida Hagg:

“I love you too, Chauncey.”

“Chauncey my son, your father and I know that you did not plan or intend to leave us. We love you more than words can say and we cannot imagine a world without you. You were so excited about your new home and our visit to Wyoming this fall. You said that “there would always be a place in your home for us.” There is no doubt that you loved your family. You loved Brenda and your mom and dad, your brother and Goldie and Mr. Poop and Mamas. Your heart has always been filled with generosity. You were always willing to help others and give the shirt off your back or the last dollar in your wallet to someone in need.

I want everyone to know that I’ve heard your voice and your whispers in my ear. I know that in the moment of your death, your Guardian Angel was with you and I know that two Angels descended to escort you to heaven. I know that if you had the choice to rewind that night and come back to us, you would refuse because you are where you are supposed to be. I know that Pawpa is with you and you want us to know that you are in a place of wonder and peace surrounded by love and laughter.Please continue to forgive me Chauncey for grieving so much. Forgive me when I call out to you. Forgive me for wanting you with me. I hear your laughter and feel your presence and I know one thing for certain…You had so much love in your heart for all of us.

I will never forget when you called me from your first deployment overseas … Your concern was that there were nine Soldiers in your platoon who needed a care package and you said, “Mom, don’t send one care package! SEND TEN!…One for ME and one for my fellow battle buddies.” Little did we know that your concern for your fellow Soldiers would lead to hundreds of thousands of Soldiers and Marines receiving a “taste of home” in care packages that were sent in the years to come… But that’s how you lived your life…Always sharing what you had, always willing to be the first to laugh and always thinking of what others needed.

I have written you many letters Chauncey and this will not be the last one. I will see you in the full moon and I will see you in the sunsets and I will continue to feel your love surrounding me and dad. I love you my dear son and I am so grateful that you loved me back. You always ended every conversation we had with “I love you mom!” and I would say, as I say now, “I love you too Chauncey.”