Halloween Trick or Treat Bags arrive

Many thanks to everyone for making it possible for U.S. Troops deployed to receive Halloween treats from home.



We received so many boxes and we thank you so much

We received so many boxes and we thank you so much…Here is a pic
of a few of us outside on the flight deck of our ship with our new
blankets!!! Thanks a million!

Thank you so much for what you do… People probably do not say
that enough. We don’t take for granted the time you guys put into supporting
us…I wish you were here when the care packages arrive to see how the
morale of the crew spikes!! You guys are the best and we love you like you
love us!!”




SSG Blake, Brent CJTF-10 TF Rifles August 2014

 On Behalf of the RHHT 3d CR Regimental S2 and the 66th Military
Intelligence Company in Afghanistan, Thank You So Very Much.

The Flag stands for all that we hold dear

Freedom, Democracy, Government of the People, by the People, for the People  – Henry Cabot Lodge, 1915.

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Our Troops are not forgotten

 IMG_20140528_105722_564 - Copy
There are two things our Troops like to hear … “The mission is complete and we’re deploying home!” and “Care packages arrived from AdoptaPlatoon”. Message from the TroopsI wanted to let you know we are getting the packages and everyone says Thank You Very Much!” U.S. Army Troops, Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.

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The July 2014 Full Battle E-Newsletter

 aap-newsfbr Read the July 2014 Version of the AdoptaPlatoon Full Battle Rattle.  Click Here to view the Newsletter(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader that can be downloaded at this link)



AAP Donor Dave Shiple

 Salute The Flag
“We ensure that America’s Heroes on the front lines are never forgotten.  As long as the flag flies over this Nation they and their sacrifice will always be remembered because they are the reason our flag is still flying!”

Dave Shiple, South Carolina, Supporting U.S. Troops and Veterans via AAP since March 2008.


Celebrating the birth of a Hero

Robert “Swabbie Bob” Holloway, U.S. Navy WWII Veteran and AAP advisor, celebrated his 90th birthday May 31, 2014. Swabbie Bob has been a dedicated supporter of deployed U.S. Troops since 2003 with AdoptaPlatoon and it has been our deepest honor to call him our Hero. To read stories about his time on the USS Ajax during WWII, read Bob’s book “Hang Tuff: Recollections of a WII Sailor”. Happy Birthday Swabbie Bob!